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Learn more about how Scribe Technical Consulting can help your business


Functional Optimization of Writing Systems

How a pen functions during writing – whether it writes smoothly, cleanly, consistently, and without interruptions – is very much dependent on the balance of tip, ink, and delivery system. Scribe can help match these elements with quality components from reliable and knowledgeable sources of supply to improve the way the system functions.


Scribe can assist in developing a new writing instrument from start to finish with the optimum writing performance, by taking advantage of years of experience in pen development, setting appropriate technical specifications, diligent component sourcing, and leveraging experienced product manufacturers.

Development of New Writing Instruments


Sometimes a pen doesn’t work quite the way you or your customers expected, and it can sometimes be very difficult to diagnose the precise cause. Scribe can help identify the problem, understand what’s wrong, and create a plan to resolve the issue.

Pen Function Diagnostics

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Pen & Marker Product Technology Training

Dr. Davies-Smith has spent years onboarding new employees in the pen industry, providing the basic training required to understand the ‘ins and outs’ of pens, how they work, why sometimes they don’t, and what makes the very best writing instrument. Scribe can provide a fascinating look at the technology behind writing instruments.


Regulatory Compliance and Intellectual Property

It’s a minefield! From a regulatory perspective, understanding the obligations you might face as a developer, manufacturer, or distributor of pens and markers around the world is becoming more complex by the day. Similarly, interpretation of the intellectual property landscape in the pen domain can be challenging. Scribe can help provide direction and support in IP strategy and management, and global regulatory compliance.


Expert Witness Testimony

With extensive pen function expertise and technical knowledge of major global pen brands, Dr. Davies-Smith is available to provide expert testimony related to fountain pen, rollerball, ballpen, gel, and marker products.

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