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Welcome to

Scribe Technical Consulting

Scribe Technical Consulting LLC is your independent partner in the world of pen development. With more than 30 years of technical expertise and practical understanding of the functionality of rollerballs, ballpens, gels, fountain pens and markers, Scribe is best suited to assist clients large and small with all aspects of new product development in the writing instrument industry.

While aesthetics are vitally important to the pleasure derived from using a pen, it becomes a ‘good’ pen only because of its ‘engine’ – how the ink, tip and delivery system work in harmony with each other to deliver that perfect writing experience. Scribe focuses primarily on this aspect of pen development.

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Consulting Services

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Functional Optimization of Writing Systems

How a pen functions during writing – whether it writes smoothly, cleanly, consistently, and without interruptions – is very much dependent on the balance of tip, ink, and delivery system. Scribe can help match these elements with quality components from reliable and knowledgeable sources of supply to improve the way the system functions.

Development of New Writing Instruments

Scribe can assist in developing a new writing instrument from start to finish with the optimum writing performance, by taking advantage of years of experience in pen development, setting appropriate technical specifications, diligent component sourcing, and leveraging experienced product manufacturers.

Pen Function Diagnostics

Sometimes a pen doesn’t work quite the way you or your customers expected, and it can sometimes be very difficult to diagnose the precise cause. Scribe can help identify the problem, understand what’s wrong, and create a plan to resolve the issue.

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Dr. Leighton Davies-Smith

Dr. Leighton is a leading authority on the function of writing instruments, with 30 years of technical experience with global pen brands such as Parker Pen, Waterman, rOtring, Sharpie, PaperMate and Expo, and children’s coloring brands Colorific and Foohy.

As an independent technical consultant to the writing instrument industry, Dr. Leighton can help with all aspects of pen functionality. He has a wealth of in-depth knowledge of development, performance, manufacture, and quality assurance of writing instruments, inks, and ink delivery systems and can provide complementary assistance to an over-stretched technical team, provide some new ideas to fuel an innovation pipeline, or simply to provide that different, but experienced, technical perspective to a challenging problem.

Dr. Leighton is known as the developer of the Penman range of inks for Parker Pen, and a named inventor on dozens of granted and pending patents.

Dr. Davies-Smith
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A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved

Leveraging expert technical knowledge will often not only halve the problem, but solve it. Perhaps you’re experiencing performance issues with your newly developed product, or you want to improve the overall writing experience of an existing pen, or you don’t understand how regulatory or intellectual property issues will impact your project. Scribe can help navigate the path and provide answers.

Technical Consulting for the Writing Ins
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